About Us


We grew together with the business growth in indonesia and all the world. The process of business competition is caused by business climate change, model strategy, consumer habits , government regulations, make us certain that we should continued to grow , flexible with a change and still professional. IC Consultant was born and grew from a passion, having the belief that we will exist and continue to grow, in harmony with the existence and business growth in the world.

We had experience more than 2 decade in case about finance and business, so that we believed that every problem, we can give solutions more effective but still efficient. We will continue to work with full dedication, professional and responsible, to create a satisfaction for our clients. Our services is in issue about tax, accounting, customs, audit ,appraisal, legal , csr and management. We will give you a “value” by completing your problem.

Vision :

Become an international consulting firm that provide services on finance and business globally

Mission :

  1. Serving all needs of clients by full of the dedication, professional, responsible and oritented to success
  2. One Stop Service in finance and business