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About Us


IC Consultant

We are professional consultants in the field of Tax Consulting, Customs Consulting and Management Consulting.

Our team consists of the best trained professionals who have experience of more than 15 years in the areas of Tax, Customs and Management.

We are ready to provide answers to all your problems in the areas of Tax, Customs and Management. Working full dedication, professionalism in order to achieve your satisfaction is our responsibility IC CONSULTANT.

Until now we have been dealing with various types of business clients both local and foreign companies. So we are confident and believe, that we will always provide “value” to each of our clients.

IC Consultant Team


Ariawan Rahmat


Aria is the managing director of IC Consultant, has deep knowledge in taxation. Previous to 2013, he was a tax auditor at the DGT. He has been familiar in dealing with the tax authority in tax dispute resolution, tax ruling, handling tax refund, and defending clients during the tax court. He also has a strong network with the tax authorities in Indonesia, as he worked for 10 years authority.




He is managing partner of IC Consultant who has deep knowledge and experience in the field of customs in Indonesia. More than 30 years he became an Officials in Directorate General of Customs and Excise, with the last position is the Head section in Head Office of Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Rawamangun Jakarta. With experience and network, Sudarsono assists clients with all customs and excise related activities general Including providing advice, assisting with customs and excise disputes, Obtaining specific ruling from the customs authorities, and various facilities such as exemptions and bonded zone.


Agus Sosianto


Agus Sosianto has worked at the Directorate General of Taxes, Republic of Indonesia for more than 30 years. He had experience as Head of Tax Service Office in Central Java, and last possition as Chief General at West Jakarta Regional Tax Office. In education, he had completed his master degree in Management from the University of Surabaya. So, his experiences and his relationship to DGT can not doubt anymore.


Mierza Darsya Putra


Mierza is managing partner of IC Consultant, where previously he was an officials in DGT up to 10 years. With a background job at the headquarters of the DGT, he did a lot of studies on policies and rules of taxation Indonesia as well as micro and macro economic policies in general. This is what drove him to pursue the field of business management with completing his studies at the Master of Busniness Administration (MBA) at University of Indonesia. He is not only strong in the knowledge of taxation and wide relations but also strong in doing scientific studies related to business management. Many project feasibilities Study, due dilligence, Merger and Acquisition that conducted by local and foreign companies as well as government projects that have been completed by him.


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